can I have a tv built into our FCB kit?

With a wood/multi fuel stove installed we don't recommend this feature, however it is not a problem with gas or electric stoves.

what is the total cost of the kits?

Both kits contents are outlined on our home page however it all depends on your vision, existing structure and the stove you are fitting. For example if you are fitting a wood/multi fuel stove kit, you will need a new flue. This is an additional cost. You would need to allow approx. 3-4k for Kit 1 and approx. 2k for Kit 2. We can advise you on the most effective solution once we have your requirements.

what size stove will I need for my room?

The Kw stove will depend on the size of your room which we will work out from the information you give at the design stage.

how far will the hearth come out?

This will depend on the stove you select. We have to go with the manufacturers instructions.

how do we finish the chimney breast?

You have 2 options, plasterboard and skimmed. Also some customers like to tile or brick slip finish, in which case we can supply you with a Fireboard which you will need. This will be sorted in the design stage from your information.


Whilst the kits are simple to construct for anyone keen on DIY, we have a number of installers, registered to carry out the work that use our products on a regular basis if you are not confident to building the kit yourself. The appliances have to be connected and commissioned by the registered installer. Building control can sign certain installations but we are not a fan of this option. Best to be safe!

do we carry out an installation service?

Yes in some cases but we have a list of registered installers throughout the UK used to fitting our products, this list is also expanding.

can this system be installed into a timber framed building?

Yes but we will require plans for the property and we will add your details within the design.

do we supply a system for an open fire?

Yes but we will need all the details of the property.

can a boiler stove be fitted in your system?

Yes but we will need all the details of the property.

do we require a vent with this Kit?

In some cases that's why we need all the relevant information along with the year the building was built.

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