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A quick and easy solution when a false chimney is required



False Chimney Breast Delivery Service


Our FCB kit can be installed within an hour.
It's so easy!

REMEMBER... we ALSO supply STOVES and other Finishing Touches!!

False Chimney Breast


A conventional false chimney breast with stove installation traps heat inside the breast that cannot be released into the room, which proves to be very inefficient and problematic.


Both the Metal or Wooden FCB kits create a quick, safe and sturdy new false chimney breast. The kits are built to your spec and packed with the finishing touches you have chosen ready for delivery. In short you can virtually design your own feature.

False Chimney Breast Delivery Service

No chimney, no problem

New homes do not often have a chimney as they tend to be warm enough. So to create a feature with an electric fire/stove ONLY, there is no need for a metal FCB kit. Regulations allow you to have wooden structure! So let's get even more creative with your design!

False Chimney Breast Delivery Service

INCLUDES The stove box

Our Stove Box is a patented product registered with HETAS. The Box is installed within the framework and it's benefits project heat back into the room, keeping it hotter for longer, making your stove even more efficient.

What Stove do you have installed or intend installing?

Wood Burners, Multi-Fuel and Gas Stoves

Metal Frame DIY Kit


  • Complete Metal Framework

  • Assembling instructions

  • Carbon monoxide monitor inside the breast

  • Inspection hatch

  • Vents

  • The Stove Box

  • Twinwall System

  • Delivery

  • *Choice of finishing touches if required - Stove, Interior for Stove Box, Fascia Plate, Frame, Beam, Fire surround and Hearth.

Prices from only £3-4K

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This kit can be built by one of our HETAS engineers at an additional cost. We will carry out a survey prior to installation. This alternative option includes installation of your purchased stove and certification.

Additional costs*

Electric Fire/Stoves

Wooden Frame DIY Kit


  • Made to order from timber boards and painted twice with a good quality base paint

  • Assembling instructions

  • The Stove Box

  • Delivery

  • *Choice of finishing touches if required - Stove, Interior for Stove Box, Fascia Plate, Frame, Hearth, Beam, Fire surround, TV and Lighting.

Prices from only £2K

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We do not offer a fitting service for this kit as most of our customers can build this themselves as it has no regulations.

Additional cost*

We always deliver quality

Take advantage of our many years experience in dealing with customer requirements. To enable us to come up with the best design for you we will need as much information as you can give us:

1) What do you have in place at the moment?

2) What is your vision along with with any images from magazines etc. You may just require the FCB kit OR you can take advantage of our many other finishng touches. Once we have all your information we will supply you with a unique design along with a quotation for your package.

Once you have accepted your quotation, this will be sent to our workshop to be processed. All the items that make up your package will be cut to your sizes, assembled and an order number will be placed on each item relating to you. When ready, these will be sent for packaging. You will be emailed and a delivery date will be agreed.

Your order will be packed, numbered ready for delivery. Most of our packages are delivered in our own vehicles and the chosen driver will be familiar with your order and will go through each item with you or your installer on site and go through the installation process if required. Please note all stove installations require sign off by the registered installer.

Check this video out to find out more

These kits can be used if you do not have a chimney OR we can work with your existing chimney and flue system.

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